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Parents, please find below a link for the documents required to trial for representative school sport. The representative school sport permission details booklet (consent form) has all the required documentation that schools / district / regions need for your child to participate in trials. You will need to print this booklet and have it signed by the Principal or School Sport Representative.


The form, once completed, will need to be handed in by your child at the first trial, and this will then be passed on by officials through the various levels of school sport. You must print this booklet and take it to the trial. NO BOOKLET, NO TRIAL.

If you are unable to access or print, schools sport contacts will be able to assist. We encourage you, where possible, to fill the form out electronically to assist with eligibility and accuracy of the documents.


Any changes once the form has been filled out needs to be adjusted using the change of details form and then emailed to the manager of team. This will also be available at 

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