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Here at St Benedict's we are blessed with a very talented and dedicated group of staff. We work together to promote an environment that is welcoming, positive, respectful, caring and supportive for all.

Leadership Team

Mrs Julie McLaughlin


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Mrs Helen Langdon

Assistant Principal Religion

Langdon, Helen.jpg

Mrs Gabrielle Barker

Assistant Principal Curriculum

Barker, Gabrielle.jpg

Our Staff

Admin Secretary

Finance Secretary

Mrs Catherine McWhinney

Mrs Lyn Nobbs

Mrs Jessica McLuskie

Prep Echidnas

 Prep Bilbies

Year 1E

Year 1U

Year 2C

Year 2M

Year 3H

Year 3N

Year 4B

Year 4R

Year 5D

Year 5G

Year 6B

Year 6C

Mrs Kate Peers

Miss Madeline Ryan

Mrs Anne Effeney

Mrs Sharon Upton

Mrs Paula Christensen

Mrs Julienne Morrison

Mrs Lynda Harth

Mrs Linda Halson

Mrs Kate Blyde

Mrs Emily Rowlands

Miss Kirsten Daniels

Mrs Margaret Gould

Mr Owen Beavan

Mrs Michelle Clifton

Learning Support


Intervention Teachers

Mrs Natalie Pobar

Mrs Tahnee Sanne

Mrs Joan Rayner

Mrs Tracey Hayes

Mrs Jo Gray

Mrs Katrina Kidd

PE Teacher

Music & Drama Teacher

Specialist Art Teacher

School Counsellor

IT Support

Mrs Paula Osborne

Mrs Ursula (Tink) Boyd

Mrs Sarah Williams

Mrs Kelly McKenna

Mr Michael Gould

Teacher Assistants

Mrs Nicole Achilles

Mrs Tanya Burnett

Mrs Jane Watson

Mrs Shannyn Browne

Mrs Emma Querro

Mr Joseph McMaster

Mrs Kerry O'Hanlon

Miss Samantha Holden

Mrs Melissa Brooks

Mrs Leesa Louis

Library Assistant

Tuckshop Coordinator


Mrs Christie Dendle

Mrs Louise Hayes

Mr Gavin Bennett

Mr Paul Grant

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