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At St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School any concerns or reasonable suspicions about a student’s safety and wellbeing or the behaviour of a staff member or volunteer which a student considers to be inappropriate, will continue to be managed in accordance with Rockhampton Catholic Education Student Protection Processes.

The Student Protection Contacts at St Benedict's are;

Our School Contacts

McLaughlin, Julie.jpg

Mrs Julie McLaughlin


Langdon, Helen.jpg

Mrs Helen Langdon

Assistant Principal - RE

Ryan, Madeline.jpg

Miss Madeline Ryan


McKenna, Kelly.jpg

Mrs Noelene Jephcott


Pobar, Natalie.jpg

Mrs Natalie Pobar

Learning Support Teacher

Further information about Rockhampton Catholic Education’s commitment to Student Protection, click the button below.

Safe School Policy

At St Benedict's we believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Every person has a right to feel safe and a right to learn free from anxiety. Bullying and Harassment are contrary to these beliefs and can have a significant effect on children in many different forms.

BULLYING & HARASSMENT means on-going verbal or physical attacks on another person. It means putting someone else down to make YOU feel better. It might be in a look or action or words. It is not fun or mucking around, it is unacceptable.

Examples of bullying and harassment include:

  • Hitting or being violent

  • Threatening or frightening others

  • Jostling, pushing and spitting on others 

  • Interfering with another’s property by hiding, damaging or destroying it

  • Using put-downs, belittling others’ poor abilities and achievements

  • Writing mean or spiteful notes or graffiti about others

  • Making degrading comments about another’s cultural religious or social background and exclusion from groups on grounds of gender, race, nationality

  • Making suggestive comments or other forms of sexual abuse

  • Ridiculing another’s body appearance

  • Using nicknames or making silly noises

If you are present when bullying happens, you are encouraged to
walk away and
inform a teacher as soon as possible.

When does bullying and harassment occur?
Anytime and anywhere

If you are bullied or harassed you can do something about it.

If you are bullying and harassing others –
You must STOP IT!

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Student Protection
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Student Protection

Here’s what you can do....

Ignore it. Don’t let the harasser know that you are upset. Perhaps it will stop. If this doesn’t work try the following steps.

STEP 1 - Confront them. Tell the person who is harassing you that you do not want them to continue.

If this is not successful….


STEP 2 - Talk to your Class teacher

If this is not successful….


STEP 3 - Report the matter to the Principal.


Remember if ignoring it fails, then keeping it to yourself only makes it worse.


All episodes of bullying and harassment which are reported to the school will be dealt with appropriately. If your child is bullying and harassing others the school will:-

  • Counsel them

  • Detain them

  • Interview them together with the parents.

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