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  • Absenteeism
    Parents/guardians are asked to notify the school via a telephone call, email or via the Skoolbag app whenever their child is absent.
  • Library Borrowing
    All children have opportunity to borrow resources from the library. Each class has a rostered time to visit the library each week. Parents accept responsibility for books issued in their child's name - lost or damaged books must either be replaced or paid for.
  • Lost Property
    Lost property is kept in a box inside the office until claimed. At the end of each term any unclaimed items are discarded or donated to St Vincent de Paul.
  • Smoking
    All Rockhampton Diocesan Catholic Education Schools are designated non smoking areas. Smoking is not permitted on any part of the school grounds.
  • School Records
    It is important that the administration retains up to date records of each family in the school. Therefore, we ask that the school office be informed of any variation in any of the information we have on record. In particular, the following variations should be notified: Change of address Change of telephone contact numbers Change of emergency contacts Change of family doctor or dentist Serious health conditions
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